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Primo Tax Group is a single member Tax Firm that provides personalized attention from an experienced, knowledgeable and highly effective Certified Public Accountant.

Brian Charles Berkowitz, MBA CPA assists individual and business taxpayers with taxation compliance and representation. He provides clients with aggressive and effective strategies to settle Federal and State tax controversies such as audits, appeals, audit reconsideration, collections, collection due process, collections appeals programs, liens, levies ,offers in compromise, currently non collectible and installment agreements. It is worthwhile to note that should your tax resolution result in an installment agreement there are guaranteed, non-disclosure, streamlined and partial pay installment agreements.

Upon settlement of all tax controversies taxpayers typically choose to remain ongoing clients seeking tax planning and tax filing services.

Brian previously operated out of several office locations in Florida. In July 2015 he relocated to Marietta, GA. The office is presently located across the street from the Internal Revenue Service Center. While some clients reside within proximity to the office most clients reside in states across the nation. Brian has the credentials and ability to assist all taxpayers regardless of the physical location of their residence or tax domicile.

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